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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: LES's New ELEMENT

[On Tuesday, you asked. Today, you tell. Got your own question about something going down or coming up in your hood? Drop a line to]

1) Williamsburg: Concerning that defunct ConEd plant at 492-518 Kent Ave., a commenter noted, "As far as I know it was on the market for a few times already, and the price they are asking is way too high for that location." (Check the comment for additional analysis.) Confirmed another, "the con ed building hasn't been sold yet—ACRIS has no record of a sale or an option."
2) Lower East Side: What's happening on the southeast corner of Essex and Houston, at the old Provident Savings Bank building (above)? Brace yourself for extreme awesomeness. A Curbed reader emails, "From what I understand, it's gonna be yet another mega-club with the ever-present lucrative bottle service. It will be called ELEMENT. Since the place is already grandfathered for OP (on-premises) license, they are licensed for and have 1OP and two additional bars. A company called Houston Essex Realty Co. is the corporate name, and Bank of East Asia holds the mortgage, $5,500,000. The 'real' owner is someone called 'Dunnie Lai' rumored to be an ex-Hong-Kong police officer with connections in the NYPD."
3) Lower Midtown: Regarding a bunch of questions about what's going on in this hood, a few answers. Says a commenter, "Several new apartment and office buildings are planned for the area, with 4,000 new apartments, completion of the East River esplanade (believe it when I see it), a 35-story building for the UN (this I believe in 'Robert Moses Park') and an 'East River Science Park.'" As a bonus, a reader responded to an unanswered rumbling from last month about what's going in on 36th and Fifth on the west side of the street: "According to one of the DOB filings: 'COMBINING TWO BLDGS. INTO ONE. CHANGING USE AT 3RD FLOOR THRU 7TH TO CLASS A APARTMENTS FROM VACANT AND COMMERCIAL. INSTALLING FIREPROOF STAIRS. ADDING 8TH FLOOR AND PENTHOUSE.' So, they destroyed a beautiful 10 story prewar office building at 36th and Fifth to build a crappy 'class A' nine story residential building. What crap."
4) BoCoCa: Announcement of a new American Apparel for the 718 didn't call out for a response, but commenters bemoaned our (ironic!) use of the BoCoCa neighborhood acronym. "Does anyone who actually lives in boerum hill, cobble hill or carrol gardens actually use it?" asked one. Answer: this guy, who comments, "I don't even like the name."
5) Chelsea: Eater has fresh scoop on what's to become of the old Chelsea Commons spot at the corner of Tenth and 24th.
6) Hell's Kitchen. What's getting torn up at Tenth and 42nd? Sez a commenter, "There were rumors on Curbed awhile back about a Whole Foods on 42nd and 10th. I'm hoping the rumors are true. The Cirque du Soleil fiasco is farther east, I think, on 42nd and Dyer." But seems the Whole Foods is slated for the Related development. Hmmm.

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