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In The Gutter: Norman, Norman Everywhere

As The Guttersniper rings up post #500, here's a glance at this week's NYC goodness at his/her eponymous home.

1) All eyes were back on Ground Zero, where a prediction that Norman Foster would get the gig for the next World Trade Center office tower proved prescient. Even scarier Norman news: the site may also score a Norman Rockwell museum. "Cue the widows! We have a winner!!"
2) Also at the WTC site, the fun continues for memorial designer Michael Arad. The latest: the twin memorial pools aren't going to match the twin tower footprints. "In short: SNAFU."
3) Finally, by way of the New York Observer, the glory of the aged architecture set is celebrated: "Peter Eisenman says stupid, mean things, Charlie Gwathmey is affable, Michael Graves discusses illness, John Hedjuk is dead, and Richard 'The Hen' Meier begs to be given a real skyscraper to design."

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