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Cool New Thing: RealEstateAdvisor

[Seems like every day brings us a cool new web real estate tool. In that spirit, for the next couple of days, we're turning our gimlet-eyed gaze on real estate websites that have recently caught our eye. Got a Cool New Thing to bring to our attention? Drop a line:]

In the listings metasearch race, we've become fans of, and we await the imminent NYC arrival of Trulia. Meantime, we've just been turned on to RealEstateAdvisor's Google Maps-listings metasearch mashup, which is pretty nifty in its own right. View listings from all the big companies on one map, with easy sorts by price range and neighborhood. One downside: we can't find a way to display more than 10 listings at a time per map.
· Manhattan Listings [Real Estate Advisor via Geek Like Me]