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Norman Foster's Glorious Return to Ground Zero

His "twinned towers" plan for the World Trade Center site (right) got the shaft, but you can't keep a starchitect like Norman Foster down for long. Forging ahead on his quixotic quest, developer Larry Silverstein announced today that he's hired Foster to design the second office tower at the WTC site. It'll sit at 200 Greenwich Street, the spot bounded by Vesey, Fulton, Church, and Greenwich Streets. Its 2.4 million square feet of office space offers, well, 2.4 million more square feet of office space than is there now. Taste the joy of LMDC chairman John Whitehead, who tells the AP (in re 7 World Trade, which signed its first official lease today), "I just fervently hope that that building begins to fill up."
· British Architect Chosen to Design Second Tower [AP via Newsday]
· Lord Norman Foster Commissioned to Design Tower at WTC Site [PR Newswire]