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Toy Center Survivors Still Clinging to Occupancy

At right is Fifth Avenue's International Toy Center, previously spotlighted on Triple Mint as a delectable development-to-be on Madison Square Park (It sold last January for $350 million). But from deep within the ITC's largely vacant halls comes a sad cry. A sad cry that sounds ... like this:

My office is in the nearly barren Toy Building (empty except during February and October), whose fate is kind of up in the air. The janitorial staff seems to have the most up-to-the-minute info on the potential future of the building located at 200 Fifth Ave. and 1107 Broadway, which isn't saying much. Still, at a tenant's meeting last week, we were informed that life for the remaining tenants come March 2006 would be "very uncomfortable." Ominous.Just saying: If you see Michael Shvo in your cubicle with a measuring tape, it might be time to pack up the family photos.
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