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Curbed BuildingSpotter Update: 60 2nd Ave. on the 3rd Try

We knew this BuildingSpotter was a challenge, but an eagle-eyed, crane-necked reader going by the handle "Frank" got it on the third try: The building with the moon-halo is 60 Second Ave., home of the Italian restaurant Bona Fides at street level. This seven-story East Village apartment building - which went up in 1900, according to PShark - proudly proclaims itself "The Manhattan" above the central entranceway.

The close-but-no-cigar award goes to the former resident of 67 E. 2nd St., which is five windows wide, not six. While incorrect, he nonetheless waxes poetic about "one glorious year" facing New York City Marble Cemetery: "I'd look out of my living room ... and see the magnolia and the gravestones and squirrels." Ahhhh. Relaxed yet?

Click back to the comments for more warm and fuzzy memories along with a pair of Angels in America references, perhaps summoned by the halo action.
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