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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) Daily Dose of Corporate Hate: Subway in the 'Burg (57 comments) "There's nothing like a little self-righteous moral preening to brighten your day."
2) Floorplan Porn: Mansion in the Sky (23 comments) "It's the weirdest floorplan I've seen in a good long time. Never mind the master bath sans master bed; what's with the kitchen without a stove? The seemingly endless quantity of corridors? The tiny size of both kitchens? The "breakfast area" without a single window?"
3) 'Bucks on Clinton: Second Sign of the Apocaypse? (22 comments) "If starbucks takes over lotus i'm buying a terrible leather coat, moving to serbia, and shooting an archduke."
4) East Harlem: Here Comes the Neighborhood (20 comments) "Adding new developments to the mix can lead to more pride in ownership, less crime, new businesses and more opportunity for the people who live there, if it's done right - and admittedly, it rarely is. But what's the alternative - never investing or making any change in poor neighborhoods?"