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RE Weekly Walks the Beat (or Not) in Harlem

Some new renderings of 2002 Fifth Avenue (right) have surfaced in recent weeks, and along with them comes a doozie of a sentence via superlative-happy Real Estate Weekly. Sure, we all slip up on geography sometimes, but so many times in one sentence?!?! It's like they were trying to get it wrong. First, read this to see if you can spot the misinformation:

Across from Marcus Garvey Park, a lush public square which spans 117th to 121st Streets at Sixth Avenue in East Harlem, 24 stylish and elegant residences are beginning to rise.Now, watch as Starts and Fits skillfully tears it apart. Rarrr! Oh, and while we're here, check out a listing: $833,220 for a three-bedroom, two-bath, 1,544sqft co-op with "ultra high-end finishings."
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