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2 B Converted 2 Condos 4 Eva!

Gotta love those cool kids over at City Realty, they are on the new development beat like white on rice. But we have to figure their headline writer gets bored: Three item heads this week end in "be converted to condos." Sure, condo conversion isn't so special, but how often do you get to juggle a triple like this? Here's our quick and dirty primer:

1) 421 West 54th Street, between 9th and 10th Aves. The former Hit Factory where gobs of successful music was recorded. Six stories, dozens of Grammy nominations, countless memories. Closed earlier this year. Conversion architect: Arpad Baksa.

2) 127 Fulton Street. Former Keuffel & Esser building, near Nassau. Eight stories. Official city landmark, dating back to 1893. Original designers went on to add Macy's Herald Square to their resumes. Sister building fell to wrecking ball "so that J&R Music World could erect a banal, stucco-clad box." Six apartments planned for this site.

3) 75 Wall Street, between Pearl and Water. Upper floors of 36-story tower, which have "superb views in virtually [all] directions," are being eyed for conversion. Lower portion: Commercial or hotel. Former owners: JP Morgan Chase, Barclays Bank. Built in 1987.
· New & Noteworthy [CityRealty, 14-/15-DEC]

[Photo via ChickSingerNight. Um, yeah]