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Curbed PriceChopper: a 70 Washington Quickie

Was asking: $1.499 million
Now asking: $1.15 million
You save: $349,000!

Wow, that was fast! Yesterday an earthquake of rage poured over the Internet and into the comments thread on the $1.5 million 70 Washington studio flip, and in lieu of the boss's call for a temporary ban on all things DUMBO, we had to point out that the price has already been chopped down to $1.15 million?still lofty for a Brooklyn studio apartment, no? Now, the quick move led some to believe that the original asking price had been a broker typo, which most certainly may have been the case. But that would be more believable if the asking had actually been $1.5 million, thereby accidentally leaving out the extra "1." However, the asking price was $1.499 million, surely an intentional move. All that being said, we revise our original statement to read thusly: Ladies and gentleman, the $1.15 million studio has arrived in DUMBO, and it lives in (where else?) 70 Washington.
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