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Wrecking Balls Threaten in Brooklyn's Ratnerville

Lest you think developer Bruce Ratner's Atlantic Yards team isn't going to start tearing things down, yesterday - amid all the potential-strike hubbub - they promised to demolish six buildings within the footprint next month, including the well-labeled Underberg Building (above). But don't worry, it's for your own good, according to the firm's community liaison Bruce Bender: "God forbid that a building collapses, God forbid that a falling brick hits someone in the head, or that there's a fire." Firing back, Daniel Goldstein of Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn calls it illegal and coins a snappy phrase: "This is his attempt to create developers' blight." The Times' Nicholas Confessore takes you on the full walk-through. Sample quote: "snowdrifts pile up on the torn linoleum floors."
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