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Hester Gardens Update (and a Comment on Comments)

Last Friday, a Curbed reader inquired about an offering plan at Hester Gardens, a new 61-condo development in Little Chitaly. Shing Wah Yeung, the broker (and initial board member) jumped into the comment thread to clarify things, prompting a teary apology from the original questioner. Ah, the bathos of Curbed comments.

Which prompts a thought. The Hester thread, like a few others (you're tracking that now 151-comment DUMBO thread, right?), saw a few commenters stray into the dark land of trolldom. We're pondering requiring registration to post comments on Curbed, but before taking that pain-in-the-ass step, we're going to try banning posters who behave like jackasses from posting again, based on a super-secret tecknowlogie™ developed in the Curbed Labs. Should be interesting.
· Hester's Grey (Area) Gardens [Curbed]