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Spray Paint, Packing Labels Confirm Trader Joe's

Our once-weekly updates on Trader Joe's imminent arrival near Union Square have faded as of late, which is why two reader emails in our inbox this morning fill us with such delight. Reads one:

This morning I was walking by the Trader Joe's construction site on 14th, and for the first time there was actually an indication that it really is going to be a Trader Joe's—a spray painted sign in the window that said "Trader Joe's." Oddly, the TJ website still does not acknowledge its existence.The conspiracy deepens! Notes another correspondent, "You may have confirmed this already, but The Joe's is going in there. I know this because I looked at the packaging sticker on the insulation they were rolling in this morning. The sticker was in fact addressed to 'Trader Joe's.' I moved to the neighborhood a little over a year ago from California, and I can say this is the most exciting news I've experienced since moving to this city. Next question: When does it open? I tried to email customer service, but they have no email address listed on their site. Also, will they have a much coveted wine license?"
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