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It Happened One Weekend: High Life Beckons

1) Gehry. Stern. Related. Balazs. Boymelgreen. Here's a detailed breakdown of the entire High Line landgrab, which?when finally completed?will apparently only be open to those living in $10 million condos. [NYTimes]
2) The Post dips into the trend of small-scale developments, those with under 20 units, and explains the non-amenity amenities of places like 50 Pine St. and 331 E. Eighth St. [NYPost]
3) The owners of the only Frank Lloyd Wright house in town (in Lighthouse Hill on Staten Island) chat about the strangers who peek into their windows and why their furniture clashes. [Fred Bernstein/Habitats]
4) Speaking of Andre Balazs, he's throwing his hat into the ring of luxury Financial District developments. Uma Thurman's boyf and a group of investors will break ground next year on a 45-story tower at 15 William Street, on what is now a 23,000-square-foot parking lot. One Kenmare Square, in "Soho," is now sold out, by the way. [William Neuman/Big Deal]
5) This week's Hunt is a classic tale of neighborhood preference as personality indicator, with friendship tenuously caught in between. College coeds/buddies room together on the Upper East Side, but when it comes time to renew, one has evolved into an uptown girl, the other a wannabe downtown bohemian. The former moves into Dormandy, the latter heads to St. Mark's Place. Parents help pay for both. This sounds suspiciously like a Broadway musical [Joyce Cohen/The Hunt]
6) This story on the long process that goes into naming new developments should probably just be reprinted in The Onion. No one would know the difference. [NYPost]
7) Apple opening new store at 21 West 34th St., opposite the Empire State Building. [NYPost]