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Avalon Chrystie Place Continues Unchecked Spread

As if one giant Avalon Chrystie Place wasn't enough, phase two of Avalon's East Village takeover is underway north of Houston; loyal readers know this already via the construction photos posted recently in this space. The result will look something like the rendering seen here. But are you aware of the plans for a third phase of Avalon Chrystie Place? Reports The Villager,

AvalonBay is also currently in the design and development phase for a third building, which will be located on Second Ave. and the north side of E. First St. While designs are still being completed, it is anticipated that this building will be seven stories and offer approximately 100 rental apartments. AvalonBay expects to complete the development by early 2008.Glory be! We're assuming this building will stand on the empty lot that's now home to Phase 2's construction offices. Glory be! Wait, did we already say that? Anyway, here's hoping stages IV, V, VI, and XVIII aren't far behind.
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