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UES Townhouse Tries for $20-Million Club, Comes Up Short

The above somewhat-shrunken floorplan porn (pixels don't grow on trees, people!) belongs to 9 East 62nd Street, fresh to the market at a meaty $19.5 million. Blog Under the Counter has done the necessary research on investor Louis Perlman's 11,000sf Beaux Arts beauty:

A little snooping through city records (via Property Shark) shows that he's had the limestone four-family schloss since at least 1976. In 1986 he took out a $1.2 million mortgage on the place and borrowed another $100,000 against it in 1994; then in 2000 he did some renovations, combining the fifth and sixth floors into a duplex apartment. And now, after exhibiting virtuous patience, he's ready to cash in: The $19.5 million asking price is a bit less than what some of the neighbors on 64th Street have been commanding for their townhouses, but it's enough dough that Corcoran has three listing brokers on the case.Yeesh, the dude's held on to the thing for so long that he probably paid for it
in trinkets and livestock. Which is exactly how we're going to pay for it.
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