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Meet the Fizzbows!

Back in August, Curbed followed two intrepid souls on their quest to find lodging on the island of Manhattan. The resulting series, titled The Renters, went on to win a Pulitzer Prize for blog reportage.

What, we wondered, could top the crazy quest to rent an apartment? Why, the crazy quest to sell an apartment! On the Brooklyn waterfront, where lower Cobble Hill gradually gives way to Red Hook, lies one of our favorite neighborhoods in the city: the Columbia Waterfront District. And there, at 29 Tiffany Place, inside apartment 6L, is a family daring to make a go of selling their apartment without the aid of a seller's real estate broker—a move known in the parlance as a For Sale By Owner listing (or FSBO, aka "Fizzbow").

The family, the Stratfords, have lived in the one bedroom apartment since 2002. Why are they moving? Says the spiffy website they've created to market the property, "This may sound crazy, but we're thinking we want to add a third Stratford child to our family and putting a baby in the sleeping loft seems a bit irresponsible. So, we're off to the land of suburbia."

But before they go, they'll chronicle the FSBO process here on Curbed. Their 2BR (w/sleep loft!) hits the market at $599,000, and their first report arrives here this afternoon. Before that, peruse the property website, basking in the soothing sounds of Sigur Ros Squarepusher (damn these moody bands!) as you wonder, "Are these people completely nuts, or what?"
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