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Queens Weekend Planner: Libraries, Old Folks

Speaking of Queens, some of the Queens bloggers have given us crap over the past few months—something about Curbed not respecting Queens as a viable place people might actually choose to live? Hunh? We adore Queens! To that end, we're breaking the Curbed No Events policy just this once to report on this weekend's goings-on in the storied burgh of Astoria, courtesy of blogger Joey in Astoria:

After work, celebrate the joys of the Queens Library system with some ragtime music. I know, neither of us have ever been to the Queens library, but given that our local bookstore stinks, maybe it's worth a shot. Event starts at 5:15, but duck out by 6:30 when the pols start in.

Saturday, instead of duking it out at Macy's do some local shopping. Who doesn't love a hip homemade gift? Check out Art-O-Mat - if only for the name. Shopped 'till you dropped? Well, you better not let the Senior folk at Jacob Riss Settlement House put you to shame. They've been known to do so, particularly to the DJ playing at their fundraiser Saturday at 8pm. Party rages 'till 1am for $12.

Everyone on the Curbed party train to Astoria!
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