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Edgemere, Queens: By the Sea, By the Desolate Sea

If it's some lazy Friday browsing material you seek, spend some time by the beach in "Edgemere of Reality," Forgotten-NY's latest pean to a "lost" neighborhood, clearly ignored by nearby residents, but utterly fascinating to those who don't have to actually live there. In the case of this Queens locale amid the Rockaways, the key phrases are: ghosts of old hotels, forlorn street signs, and empty sand-strewn lots. Meanwhile, editor Kevin Walsh dreams the dream of leisure-minded redevelopment:

This should be an amusement area, a playground, a mecca for sea, sun and sand. If Atlantic Beach and Long Beach, which aren't very far away from here, can be summer fun spots, so can Edgemere.Be sure to shake out the fantasy from your shoes before moving on.
· Edgemere of Reality [ForgottenNY]