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Pearlroth House Still Needs a Hand

Architect Andrew Geller's 1959 Westhampton home, known officially as the Pearlroth House and unofficially as the "double diamonds" and "square boobies," has been under the gun for many months now. Our last update came in May, when we found out the save-the-house campaigners needed to raise $200,000 for restoration and transportation (the building needed to be moved a mile down the road). Geller grandson Jake Gorst emails the latest:

We've managed to raise enough money to move the house, but the Town of Southampton now requires that we put $25,000 in a passbook savings account so they can access it in the unlikely event that we abandon the restoration project before February 2007. Essentially they want us to pay to have it torn down if we "give up" - which is not in our vocabulary.A website has been launched to drum up some contributions. As always, we'll keep you updated, nerds.
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