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The Skinny on Another Narrow Tower in the West 20s

Not too far from High Line 519, there are plans for another skinny little tower, this time on West 26th St. Better suck in that gut while you hear how narrow the lot is: just 19 feet, according to PShark. In an effort to make you forget how skinny the mixed-use development will be, architect Arpad Baksa has arranged alternating window designs going up the 12-story midblock plan. Guess what? Several neighbors piped up at a zoning variance hearing (to allow for residential in the upper floors) and they don't like the proposal, according to City Realty. Why? Fill in your complaints (real or imagined) below! Release some of that bile - it's good for ya.
· Narrow building planned for 132 West 26th Street [CityRealty, 30-Nov]
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