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Rumblings & Bumblings: One Less Equinox on UWS

[You've either made it to work or settled in for the telecommute. Either way, it's time to pour a cup of green tea as we get ready to Rumble. You know the drill: you ask, you answer, either in the comments or to Don't strike out! Ha!]

1) East Village: "They just put this scaffold up yesterday (above, note green-clad Towery of Bowery looming in rear) at 351-353 Bowery. BIS records indicate only sidewalk shed permit, and some disapproved plans from Aug. Anyone know what's going on there?"
2) Upper West Side: "We Equinox members recently received official notice that the Amsterdam & 76th St. Equinox club site will be razed for a large luxury condo tower. Apparently the adjacent garage with Chirping Chicken is also going down. Certainly consistent with the recently announced purchase by the Related Company. I and my neighbors are eager to find out more about this. I was told '45 stories.'"
3) Chelsea: "What's wrong with construction site on 6th ave and 28th st? Nothing has happened there for a good 5 months."

4) West Village: "First they shut down Gus's, the greek restaurant. then they covered the building with scaffolding and green fabric (my boyfriend referred to it as 'the christo at waverly and waverly'). now the fabric is off and there's a big sign on the scaffolding advertising this website: any idea what this is all about? and when the construction noises that manage to travel through #145 to #143, where i live, might finally stop?" [Call us crazy, but given the website's flash animation—the phrase "the essence of modern design"—the number 147 spelled out—the link to Stribling—yes, this just might be a new development. Keep it on the DL.—ed]
5) Lower East Side: "Do you guys know what's going on at the essex st retail market between rivington and stanton? i've lived across the street for 9 months and the lights have always been off, but for the past week or so they've been on. I know the economic development commission owns the building, but have they leased it some one. Months ago I heard that the people who own The Park are doing something in the space; honestly i'd rather they just tore down the building and built an actual park—can curbed start a petition for the Essex St park??" [Perhaps! Nahh.—ed]
6) Little Chitaly: "Anyone hear anything about 123 Baxter St (Corner of Baxter and Hester, 2 blocks from Hester Gardens)? Been trying to find out what their status with the AG is. From what i can see, they dont have an approved offering plan yet. Also, they have the automated garage in the building, but they havent gone through City Planning for the Special Permit to operate a garage yet either. Their 3 year construction schedule was to finish by the end of this month, but they seem to have a bunch of loose ends to tie up."