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On the Market: Karma, Worn Leather Sofas on the UWS

Day 1 at broker school, they teach you to write "cozy" instead of 200 square feet, and "northern exposure" instead of don't plan on too many sunsets. But what cosmic truth is being telegraphed by "Good Karma," which opens the spiel for this far Upper West Side 2BR/2BA/tiny-kitchen co-op via Sotheby's? Perhaps you need to appeal to the great cycles of the universe to get away with asking $849,000 for a place currently occupied by those rather depressing green leather couches. But since we're talking karma, let's call them professorial instead, this place being near Columbia and all. Suggestions for what if anything karmic could have happened here may deposited below or sent to us stapled to waves of positive energy.
· Listing: Good Karma in this Rarely Available [Sotheby's]

[Inset photo via Flickr/mdintoronto.]