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East Harlem Dossier: What About that Prison?

"Take the good with the bad," wrote a commenter in last week's East Harlem thread. "There's Settipani (bakery) and a new caviar shop on Lenox. But it's true—there is a correctional facility smack on West 110th (Central Park North). You can see it from the northern end of the Park."

For more, check out an excellent Morning News story from 2003 by Clay Risen about the facility: "With its neat rows of windows and small hedges out front, it might easily pass for just another apartment block—if it weren’t for the security cameras flanking each entryway. In fact, 31-33 West 110th Street isn’t an apartment block at all. It’s a prison." As per usual with TMN, the piece is worth a read.
· Prison on the Park [The Morning News]