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Potential WTC Tenants Would Rather Not Walk Much

Even before architect Norman Foster was tapped for Tower 2, potential tenants of the new World Trade Center were already supposedly turning their noses up at the Freedom Tower in favor of the planned Church Street buildings. Why? 'Cause it'll be too far of a walk from the W.T.C. transit hub, according to the Downtown Express. Um, yeah. And now they'll also get to pit the anticipated Foster design against SOM architect David Childs' "Fort Zero" when looking for excuses.

From the same article, a bonus tidbit: Mayor Bloomberg kinda sorta almost (but not really) says he wants a piece of architect Santiago Calatrava's big pile o' condo boxes (right) on South Street:

I’m not going to move Downtown, but boy you think about it. It would be spectacularBloomberg zeroes in on Downtown rebuilding, arts and living [DE]
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