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P.J. Hanley's Redux: Counting the 'Ex-Hippie Ponytails'

Seems reports of the demise of P.J. Hanley's were somewhat exaggerated, as our reluctant eulogizer, blogger A Brooklyn Life, returns to the scene of what turned out to be a renovation and finds "dark wood," wide open spaces, relatively cheap beer, and a modest decline in the women-and-outsiders-are-frowned-upon factor. To the numbers:

-Guy to girl ratio was 12:4 + 2 female bartender/servers.
-Dudes-whose-wives-are-happy-they-are-not-in-the-house to regular-neighborhood-folk was 8:8.
-Random oddities included 2 men with philosopher ex-hippie ponytails and the 1 aforementioned really drunk old guy.

-Abrooklynlife and guest not included, everyone was at least older than 35, if not older than 40.Bonus "woman to old drunk dude" exchange back at the original snap review. Ah, the growing pains of gentrification.
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