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Strike Shuts-Up DUMBO

As the MTA strike winds down to its end, it's nice to know that when the situation was grim and dire, some out there had their heads in the right spot: on sales. This landed in our inbox:

last night i was getting into a car parked near the base of the manhattan bridge, and i kept hearing this slight "kadunk kadunk" sound of cars driving over, and then it occurred to me just how quiet the neighborhood is with no trains running. this could be an ideal (if not misleading) time for brokers to be showing condos. everyone's doing their last-minute holiday shopping online, anyways...But it looks like the time to strike (heh.) has already passed. The photo at right, from the Curbed Flickr pool, is already inspiring warm tinges of nostalgia. Ah, those were the days, eh?
· No Train [x-eyedblonde/Flickr]