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Curbed Three-Pack: Uptown Townhouses ca. $1.5m

In keeping with this week's uptown vibe, a look at what $1.5 million buys townhouse seekers in the lands near and north of 125th Street in Manhattan. Thoughts on relative merits/demerits welcome in the comments.

What/Where: 1898 four-floor townhouse, Hamilton Heights
How Much: $1,499,000
The Skinny: Few real estate websites are more fun to browse that that of famed Harlem broker Willie Kathryn Suggs. Among the brownstone shells and über-fixer-uppers, here's a seven-fireplace gothic beauty (photos, top) with a kick: "Above, rental apartments, if you like, pay your bills!" Why yes, we do like.
· Listing: The Top of the Hill [Willie Kathryn Suggs]

What/Where: Brownstone, West 124th Street
How Much: $1,595,000
The Skinny: Only four fireplaces at this multi-family townhouse just off Mount Morris Park on 124th Street. So be it; they look nice—check the fireplace details on the listing photos. Hardwood floors in the main triplex unit, and a top unit for that whole pay-your-bills thing.
· Listing: 2011 Fifth Avenue (Mount Morris Area) [Halstead]

What/Where: Development property, West 150th Street
How Much: $1,500,000
The Skinny: Further uptown, at 150th Street, is a graffiti'd townhouse that Warburg bills as an investment property (read: teardown). Says the listing, "Excellent area size 25x100, zoning R7-2." Imagine the possibilities.
· Listing: 461 West 150th Street [Warburg]