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Caviar Dreams Spawn in Harlem

Following up on yesterday's East Harlem Dossier, here's a gem from the heart of Harlem by way of blogger Joe Schumacher. He snapped the above picture at the corner of Lenox Ave. and 120th Street, writing,

When I first saw my apartment building five years ago it was still under construction. Driving down Lenox Ave that day I distinctly remember seeing the building above at 120th St. I remember it because it was being renovated and had a "NASA Construction Co." sign on the scaffolding. Not much was different with this building when I moved here four years ago. A couple of years after that still not much had happened. Someone said the developer had run out of money. Renovation must be close to complete...I peeked inside yesterday and, much to my surprise, there was a display case filled with caviar. Caviar! Just what Harlem has been clamoring for! We don't have decent grocery stores or dry cleaners, and Amy Ruth's is bankrupt, but at least we'll be able to get one of the last tins of $200/ounce imported beluga caviar.

Yes! That's Emperor's Roe Gourmet Emporium and Caviar Bar, as previously linked. Glad tidings—the Harlem backlash can now officially commence.
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