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Transit Strike Update: Represent While Hitching to Work

Here at Curbed Central, where we wear neighborhoods on our sleeves year-round, we gotta respect the no-shame technique of the Instant Carpool, as noted over at Lifehacker:

It involves taping a sign stating your destination on the back, and hopefully someone going your way notices. It worked going in to work, and although I didn’t get a ride coming home, it was a great conversation starter. I made two new friends who were going my way and had company for the majority of my walk.There's a marketing opportunity here somewhere, right? Oh, yeah: already taken. Of course, D.C.-metro-ites are sitting back and laughing at all of us now, as they perfected the technique of "slugging" in true guerilla form years ago.
· NYC Transit Strike: Instant carpool [Lifehacker, via Gothamist]
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[Photo via Flickr/JesC]