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Curry Count on an East Village Block

Just how much seasoning goes into creating Curry Row in the East Village? Photoblogger WhatISee went to tally the number of Indian restaurants on 6th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues (see handy chart above), and came up with ... fewer than expected: "While there are a lot, it wasn't quite as many as I remember. ... My memory was that pretty much every building was an Indian restaurant with christmas lights up and a Sitar player in the window." Still, that 15-9 ratio isn't anything to sneeze at.

Meanwhile, check out Walking Around, a site that attempts to be a compendium of the city's ethnic neighborhoods, and by ethnic groups, they also mean "old folks," "hipsters" and "gay" people apparently. It locates Curry Row on the Lower East Side for some reason. As with all such things, best taken with a grain of salt.
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