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It May be Freezing Now, But it's Getting Shawarma

The just-off-St. Mark's falafel spot Chickpea made a big splash in the local media when they held their "name the restaurant" contest last year, which offered a $1,000 grand prize to whomever, ya know, named the joint. Soon after, they revisited the PR stuntery by holding a similar contest that resulted in the almighty Chickplant sandwich. Now that it's been revealed that they're expanding their empire with a second location up on 14th Street and Third Avenue, will they have another giveaway in them? Might we suggest the following: Name the homeless man who dresses up like a wizard from Pluto and lives in nearby Union Square? If so, we've already got plenty of ideas.
· Eggplant Sandwich for $1000, Alex [Curbed]