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Curbed Readers Comment: Strike While the Iron's Hot

· Tuesday AM Linkage: Transit Strike Edition (23 comments) "I live in Astoria, work, workout and play in Manhattan, get laid in Jersey City, Weehawken and parts of Brooklyn. I don't believe in borders or barricades. I'm also an agent and I'm stuck at home. Make this strike end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Done.
· Ask Curbed: Fireplace Follies (22 comments) "They probably haven't cleaned the chimneys in years, if ever, so even if it looks ok, your apt may fill up with smoke real fast if you try to light a fire."
· Curbed BuildingSpotter: 'Soho Shutters' (15 comments) "Copper sure would make for some expensive (not to mention corrosive and electro-conductive) shutters. If they were really copper at $2/pound, some crackhead would have torn them down by now."