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Atlantic Yards Update: Razing Not Quite So Imminent

So perhaps that talk of clear and present wrecking balls at the planned Atlantic Yards b'ball-arena/cluster-of-towers/ insta-neighborhood development in Prospect Heights was a bit premature. (Give our street team a break! First there was the strike, and now they're demanding an early Christmas.) We're not saying those six buildings marked for demolition are necessarily safe; they just don't seem to have bitten the dust yet. This Post account claims that developer Forest City Ratner isn't letting other parties' (read: opponents) engineers take a look at the supposedly doomed structures. And blogger Callalillie visits the scene to find "cranky looking construction workers" (perhaps dispatching the asbestos?) and mysterious white markings (above) along Dean Street, but nothing razed yet.
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RELATED: TimesRatnerReport blames errant media sources for inadvertently shrinking Ratner's 22-acre project to 8.3 acres by implying that only the railyard's gettin' built over: "I suggest using the shorthand 'on and around the railyard' or 'over and around the railyard.'" Which sounds a bit like a Craigslist ad, right?