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First Glimpse of Plaza's Plans

As the hammers do their hammering and the drills do their drilling and the screwdrivers do their, um, twisting, us outsiders finally get to see that there is progress being made on the conversion of the Plaza Hotel to The Private Residences at The Plaza. How do we measure progress? Why, with a website, of course! The Plaza's is up and running, sorta, as the numerous languages you can choose from on the entry page all just lead to an English site (a political statement, perhaps?). Many of the floorplans are hard to read (we jacked up the brightness and contrast on the one above), and there is no floorplan posted yet for #2001t, the five-bedroom duplex that's sure to draw some notable bidders. The plan on top of these words is for unit #609: three bedrooms, 2,820 square feet, Central Park views. No prices yet, but we'll call it at somewhere between $2 million and $32.5 million.
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