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The Sex Files: Hot 'n Heavy at Gracie Square

We knew that sex sells when it comes to marketing a building or new development (see Exhibits A, B and C), but who knew that when we pointed out some booblature in a listing for a $2.3 million condo in the Upper East Side's Seville, we were uncovering a whole new facet to the trend: using sex to sell a single apartment. Or, you know, a $13 million maisonette. Our tipster puts it ever so eloquently:

I was looking at this listing of the president and ceo of gumley haft kelier. Michelle Kleier’s one of nyc’s top brokers, and the listing has a picture of the master bedroom and a photo of a guy banging a girl missionary style hanging over the bed.Not only that, but the zebra skin suggests something quite randy as well. Roar!
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