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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: Tatum Ditches Jones

1) Former Bad News Bear and soon-to-be dancing star Tatum O'Neill has cashed out on her loft at 27 Great Jones Street for $2.1 million. She bought the place for $1.69 million in 2003, and was later sued by her insurance company for setting fire to the place. Whoops! The 2,000sf Noho spot was originally listed for $2.4 million. O'Neill is currently renting in the West Village. [William Neuman/Big Deal and Braden Keil/Gimme Shelter]
2) Are celeb-driven real estate deals going bust in Las Vegas? Braden Keil says they are. The allegedly troubled spots include Las Ramblas, the 11-building, 25-acre condo/hotel/casino/retail area being developed by George Clooney, and Ivana Trump's 80-story, 945-unit tower (but you didn't really think that one would get built, did you?). The Ivana site is up for sale for $49 million [Braden Keil/Gimme Shelter]
3) There's been some movement at the New York-famous, and now world-famous 740 Park Avenue, maybe. Cheng-Ching Wang, father of designer Vera Wang and a very rich man in his own right, has lived at 740 Park since 1983, but records show he just bought a ten-room co-op up the block at 820 Park Avenue for $5.6 million. It's not clear what will become of his 740 Park duplex. [William Neuman/Big Deal]