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It Happened One Weekend: Brokers Hit the Nog

1) How much can you tell about a firm from its holiday party? A lot, according to real estate scribe and certified cutie Anna Bahney. And in her brokerage-by-brokerage party report, she immediately flirts with genius: "Most people don't like to think about their real estate broker throwing back drinks and gyrating on a dance floor to 'It's Raining Men.' But like the holiday party, it happens once a year, ready or not." [NYTimes]
2) Our worlds collide in this week's Hunt column, when a Seattleite (Seattleian?) is lured to 70 Washington because of a sign he kept seeing on his way to JFK, even though he isn't sure where DUMBO actually is. He chose the J line. [Joyce Cohen/The Hunt]
3) Who really bought the most expensive home in Manhattan this year, Rupert Murdoch or David Martinez? Some say it's Martinez, but others say you can't have angels dancing on two pins ... or something. All we know is our vote can be bought. [William Neuman/Big Deal]
4) Here's a fun one about couples cohabiting in tiny studio apartments, where privacy doesn't exist. Apparently these whackos enjoy always being in the same room as each other, even if that means taking a call in the bathroom. [NYPost]
5) Another curveball for the Tipping Point. Post real estate advice columnist Jane Reilly Mount tips her superintendent 15% of one month's common charges. [NYPost]