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Ask Curbed: 1 Becomes 2, 2 Becomes 3?

Is an apartment number more than just a sticker on your door or your name on a corresponding mailbox? Of course it is, but what do the rules say? Here's a query that we never really thought about until now, but it is a very interesting question:

Are there any real estate lawyers out there who can tell me if it is legal for landlords to change the numbering scheme on the apartments in a building? My landlord wants to shift our numbers, so 1 becomes 2, 2 beomes 3, etc. I'd like to avoid the hassle, especially as my new landlord, who has so far been not so reliable, would be the one getting my current address.
We're not sure how many of y'all are around this week, but if you are, have a go in the comments section or email your very informed analysis to