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It's Raining Produce in DUMBO

When we announced the birthing of The Walk-Through, the New York Times' new real estate blog, we jokingly set the over/under on Huntress Joyce Cohen's first entry at Thursday. We lost. Cohen didn't hit the blogosphere until Saturday, trying to sneak one by us not only on a weekend, but a holiday weekend. For shame. However, she did tackle our favorite topic, DUMBO, and after a little history lesson (Fulton's Landing, anyone?), she got to the goods, literally. DUMBO now has three places to buy groceries. Cohen reports:

Residents once griped constantly about the lack of a food market, said Anna Castellani, who filled the void with Foragers, a high-end foodie paradise that opened Dec. 12. For five years, Dumbo made do with just one 24-hour deli, Peas and Pickles. Its owners opened another Dumbo deli, Bridge Fresh, nearly four months ago. After the new year, Bridge Fresh will also be open all night, said Moustapha Louafi, manager of both delis.

Congrats, Dumbites, on your newfound hummus options. And yes, we're using a picture of 70 Washington to represent DUMBO as a whole. It's literally been days since we had a picture of the place up, and staring at it strengthens our life force.
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