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Ask Curbed: The Tipping Point

In the holiday spirit, a question as old as the hills hits Curbed today:

Do you have advice on how much we should tip our doormen and porters for the holiday season? We live in a "working class" doorman building, if there is such a thing :) We are thinking about $100 each for 10 people including the super and handy men. Any advice? It is a hefty hunk of cash for us but we also want to thank these guys for all they do for us.

While we may not know the answer for all parts of NYC, we have a pretty good idea of what hip DUMBOites are tipping this year, based on the above memo from Two Trees management sent our way by a Curbed tipster. Notes our tipster, "This tacky memo came from 'management' at Two Trees - actually the non-live-in super, the one who is hoping for a $300 tip from each of the several hundred residents at Court House. Tips according to this chart of recommendations, if given to each of the 13 employees listed, would total up to $1600 -- more than a month's rent for some apartments. See also Emily Posts' notably lower-price recommendations." Your thoughts? The comments thread beckons.