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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) Meet the Fizzbows! (56 comments): "$100k less than the same apt on a lower floor? Hmmmm... what does this mean? The market is shifting? They are hoping for a bidding war (who wouldn't be)? Corcoran is nuts? All of the above?"
2) Lobby Complaints and Holiday Bonuses at 70 Washington (55 comments): "That is not a criticism of the art or artist (noone should attack her or her art). I love art that is on the edge and challenges us. The purpose of a lobby is different, however. It should not challenge us and satisfy a few. It should welcome us home and be designed with the goal of making all feel welcomed."
3) Ask Curbed: Square Footage SizeChopping (40 comments): "Part of the reason that brokers inflate squre footage has to do with buyers'/renters' obsession with this issue and their little arbitrary 'rules' -- 'I won't look at anything under 500 square feet.'"
4) Curbed Roundtable: December State-o'-the-Market Report (39 comments): "High prices on LOW quality are down already, and could come down further. High prices on the best of luxury will probably stabilize and go up...they always do, because real quality is always hard to find, and you don't have to be HIGH to know that...."