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Greenwick Update: WeBu is For Sissies

Last week, the LoftNinja (seriously, has there ever been a better real-estate broker name than LoftNinja? Even Property Grunt must genuflect at his altar) introduced us to a new neighborhood, Greenwick, somewhere north of East Williamsburg and just a shade west of our sanity. Today, the Ninj maps the hot new region (above) and takes on the simmering controversy surrounding the Greenwick label:

Apparently there's a guy in Bushwick wanting to call the area WeBu (or West Bushwick) and he insists that this name is better. Nevertheless, no one really wants to live in a place called Bushwick (aside from the Geto Boys), so considering the fact that the name itself has within it this term, already we can see why it never caught on. This guy's mind must be playing tricks on him. Greenwick is far superior, wouldn't you agree? And besides, it would be pointless to create a substitute for the ridiculous East Williamsburg- a term used to dupe apartment seekers into thinking that they are closer to Bedford-mecca than they are- if only to replace it with an equally stupid name, including within it a cardinal direction for purposes of creating a false sense of security.· Greenwick Gets the Go-Ahead, and Rightfully So [UrbanFoto]
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