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This Wintry Bryant-Park Memory Brought to You By ...

Bryant Park typically gets top marks among the city's neighborhood parks in all sorts of categories, but now we learn that 42nd Street's famous patch of green - or ice, as it may be - doesn't have to bother with a resource relied upon by its kin: public money. Who needs public money when you have corporate sponsorships! Behold this recent honor roll from the Times: snap-worthy beauties from Olympus, not-at-home movies from HBO, WiFi from Google, and word fests from, well, the New York Times itself. Citibank even gets to rebrand the place "The Pond at Bryant Park" as long as it's giving out free ice for skating (rental fees extra). Sure, the town's already brimming with advertising, but should this Midtown gem be slightly more sacred? Plaster your personal slogans below.
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[Photo via yehwan on Flickr]