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Local Food Spots Can't Beat 'The Wall'

In the Upper East Village, an ugly wooden green wall (above, covered by posters) has protruded out onto 13th Street and First Avenue for the past six or so months, a temporary safety fix for a condemned building that is starting to look increasingly less temporary. Peter Hyman, of the brand spankin' new blog Manufactured Dissent, mourns the passing of the Mee Noodle Shop and a not-so-generic Spanish take-out joint?both lost to the dreaded Green Monster:

Both restaurants have been forced out of business due to the larger structural issue facing this building. In a three block radius that has, in the last two years, seen the addition of a Dunkin' Donuts, a Blimpies, a Subway and a Popeye's Fried Chicken, the loss of two local favorites is particularly meaningful. Nothing is sacred in the path of commercial, chain-based gentrification, but the owners of this building owe a debt to these establishments for the harm this has done to their businesses, if not the larger loss of vibrancy to what was once a lovely corner.Requiem ... for a ropa vieja. After the jump, the corpse of his cuchifrito?his precious cuchifrito!

· Another Fine Mess: The NW Corner of 13th Street and 1st Avenue [Manufactured Dissent]