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Hearst Tower Update: There Goes the Nabe, Revisited

Can't get enough of that "green," "Shanghai-ish," erector set that is Hearst Tower? Neither can Aaron D., of Starts and Fits, who's loving the symbiotic groove created by those "soot-covered mixed-use walkups" in the foreground and starchitect-slash-lord Norman Foster's contribution bringing up the rear:

In many places (including many places in N.Y.C.), those old walkups would have been emptied out during the late 20th century urban exodus, deemed "blighted" and demolished under urban renewal. In New York, such buildings are needed for housing, and they're fully leased after decades of continuous occupancy. ... And the fact that there is new construction side by side with the old is a sign of the city's health.And if that doesn't get your blood pumping, perhaps this will: We hear the Hearsties will be moving in as soon as April, mere weeks (days?) after the HVAC crew has finished their magic. Next up on our wishlist? Interior shots!
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