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Brooklyn Neighborhood Name Redux: Chwillstuywick!

Now that we've settled (yes?) on Greenwick as the neighborhood name for that amorphous blob north of East Williamsburg and east of Greenpoint, a resident of another nearby microhood makes a plea:

I'm all for coming up with new neighborhood names. If anyone has a name for my neighborhood--it's too far east to be Clinton Hill, too far north to be Bed-Stuy, too far south to be Williamsburg and too far west to be Bushwick--I'd be willing to cheerfully use it the next time someone asks me where I live.
Suggests one commenter: "why not call it Chwillstuywick -- or LIBro?" But there are dissenters. Notes another commenter, "Seriously, we have to stop the neighborhood naming. It's just ghetto-izes some neighborhoods and ups the rents / prices in others. And nobody even follows them anyway. I saw a craigslist posting the other day for Park Slope South. South being 95th St. Yep, the slope is stretching to Bay Ridge now."
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UPDATE: Looks like we've got a winner! Sez one commenter, "How about a more tongue-friendly, Chillstick?" Another chimes in: "Yes, Chillstick is perfect for hipsters. 'Chill bro, we'll head to my place in Chillstick.'"