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Public Radio on the Undying UES Zeitgeist

Speaking of the Upper East Side, the storied nabe came up for some NPR PRI APM ribbing this weekend when Garrison Keillor (right) and Prairie Home Companion rolled into West 43rd Street's Town Hall and turned its attention from Norwegian bachelor farmers to residents (imagined/real) closer to home. The jokes may be a bit dusty, but the rhymes are new. Some excerpts:

Well, my daddy said just before he died, / Son don't live on the Upper East Side. / It's a terrible fate, Fifth Avenue. / They'll beat you til your blood turns blue.
Your stockbroker will play you false. / Real estate agents won't return your calls. / Love's not given, it's only lent, / So your hairdresser is your very best friend.

The markup's right around a hundred percent / You pay ten dollars for Pepsodent. / The neighborhood is all culture and art /You have to drive to Poughkeepsie to find a Walmart.· Upper East Side lyrics [PHC]