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Times Puts Real Estate Faces to Names

Even though they've been around for a few weeks, we're just now getting hip to the Times' real estate video features, located on the RE section's homepage. And friends, it has been a wild ride! Now, we're not saying that watching your favorite real estate correspondents awkwardly try to walk and remember their lines at the same time is a thrilling way to spend your Tuesday, but?OK, we are saying that. The first few clips are dominated by On the Market compiler/cutie Anna Bahney, and we're especially lovin' the artsy undertones of the clips. Up above we have Bahney staring longingly out the window of a Hudson Heights two-bedroom, and after the jump we have a glimpse of her hauntingly twirling in the shadows. Hmm, let's call it at Film Noir meets Godard? Tune in next week to see The Hunt's Joyce Cohen smoke a cigarette while playing the violin.