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Fat Baby Busted; Bloggers Were There

You see what a little Curbed buzz can do? On Friday Night, a performance by Levy, our favorite new band (but not really), at Fat Baby, our favorite new bar (but not really), descended to near pandemonium (but not really) as New York's Finest and Bravest raided Fat Baby for being over capacity?which some seem to think is a teeny tiny 74; must be the basement only. Brooklyn Vegan has a nice compilation of reportage on the incident, because it seems the crowd was made up entirely of bloggers. Ah, the Lower East Side! A couple highlights:

1) From lucky is coming your way: "we also got shut out of the loose record party featuring bands levy and end of the world because the cops and fire department barred the door at fat baby for going over capacity[74]. it was ridiculous, because myself and serkan the loose programmer were shut out of our own party..."
2) From the Underrated: "I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw full-suited firemen charge into Fat Baby on Friday. The venue has been open two months and already has citations galore."

Bonus points to the person in the BV comments thread who goes out of his way to explain the Public Assembly Permit law and the square footage needed for a legal dance floor. Hipsters need learnin', too!
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